How do I enrol for Myney?

To enrol, you have to download the MYNEY App from either the Play Store (Android) or the APP Store (iPhone) and follow the on screen step by step directions for a successful enrollment. Note that only a Smart 3G or 4G phone can be used.

Is the enrolment process for Private and Business users the same?
How do I activate my account?
How safe is Myney?
Is Myney different to mobile phone banking?
How do I find out if my contacts have Myney (if I want to send them money or a MYNEY Gift)?
Will I be charged for using the Myney APP ?
How do I cancel my Myney App account?
Can a blocked account be used again?
Can Fexserv prevent me from closing my Myney account?
If I wish to close my Myney app account, how do I get my money back?
How do I request a payment through Myney?
What is an IBAN?
What mobile phones can be used with Myney?
Do I need a Bank account to use Myney?
Why can’t I download Myney app for my smart phone?
What should I do if I use Myney and my phone is lost or stolen?
Can I pay my family and friends in other countries with Myney?
What should I do if an item I’ve paid for using Myney isn’t delivered?
Where can I find the Myney Terms and Conditions?
How do I get my Myney account verification code?
Can I use Myney if I’m a Business customer?
Do I need to have a bank account to receive money with Myney?
How do I make a charity donation using Myney?
How long will a Myney payment transaction take?
Can I pay someone who doesn’t have Myney?
How do I change the phone number I’ve registered for Myney?
What shall I do to access my Myney account if I have changed my Mobile phone?
What happens with my Myney account if my ID card has expired?
How do I receive business payments with Myney?
How can I a send a Myney Gift?
Can I add additional family members or phone numbers to my Myney account?
What do I do if I change my phone – how will that work with Myney?
How do I cancel my Myney registration if I’ve deleted the app?
How can I get my business listed in the Myney Store Locator?
How will people know that I’ve sent them a gift through Myney?
How will I know when I’ve received money through Myney and who sent it?
How do I change the amount of a payment I’ve sent using Myney?
Will I need to re-register for Myney if I switch my Myney account to another Bank?
I’ve forgotten my Myney password and PIN code – can you reset both or either?
What do I do if the Myney app loses signal from the WiFi or 3G/4G or my phone loses power during registration?
How do I get my Myney Mobile or Account Verification code?
How can I make a SEPA or International Credit Transfer (bank payments) with Myney if my business account has more than one signatory?
Why can’t I get to the next page when trying to register for Myney?
What should I do if a customer disputes a transaction made through Myney?
If I’ve deleted the Myney app, can I just download it again and log in?
What’s the Store Locator?
What should I do if there’s a problem with goods or services I’ve paid for using Myney?
How do I use a QR code to make a payment through Myney?
What do I do if I’ve sent a Myney payment to the wrong mobile number?
I’ve deleted the Myney app – why am I still receiving text messages to say I have received payments?
Can I change my Myney registration details?
How do I make a payment to someone I’ve paid before?
How do I pay a credit card or utility bill?
How do I make a payment to someone new to the Myney App?
How safe is it to use the Myney Mobile app?
How do I create a Store User?
How do I redeem a Gift Voucher?
How can I send money abroad?
How do I check my Myney Prepaid balance?
How long will it take for my PIN to arrive?
How do I know what software version my phone is using?
How secure are my personal details?
What is SEPA?
What mobile phones are supported?
I have downloaded the latest software version and the app has stopped working. What do I do?
What Security and compliance standards do Myney adhere to?
What is a QR Code?
What is a Beacon and how does it work?
Is there any form of insurance on the client’s funds in Myney App?
Can disputes be raised on the Mobile App or only from the Myney Webpage?
As a Business owner, can I use my phone with double-SIM card for downloading and operating both the Privat Myney APP and the Business Myney APP?
Can I as a Merchant use my personal mobile phone for my shop?
I own multiple shops, all trading under the same name, with one merchant banking account. Can I have one Myney account that will cover all 5 shops so that the money from the sales will all enter the same Myney account?
I would like to give a Myney Gift to a friend of mine, but what happens if my friend does not have a Myney account?
Is there a minimum/maximum amount I can buy a Myney Gift for?
Do I have to spend the whole amount of a digital Myney Gift at once and use it all in the same shop or can I use it in different outlets?
How do I know my balance on my Myney Gift Account?
Who do I contact if there is a problem with the digital Myney Gift?
Do I have to spend the Myney Gifts in any particular period?
How do I become a retail partner to accept the digital Myney Gifts?
I am already a retail partner for One4All, but I want to accept the Myney Gift digital vouchers. Who do I contact?
What fees are applicable to become a Myney Gift retail partner?
What do I need to do to redeem the Myney Gifts in my Myney Kiosk App?
How can I acquire the Myney Gift Point of Sale items for my shop?
Today I am a One4All retailer for paper-vouchers but I understand there is a digital One4all voucher also. Do I need to change from paper to digital and how do I do it?
Does Myney have a Swift Code?
What are the Myney Call Centre opening hours?